Birmingham Artwalk – 2nd Ave N
30” x 30”. Oil
Durango Rainbow
11” x 14” image size, watercolor & Oil on paper


Colorado Rainbows
30” x 30”. Oil


Stripe Bass busting up Shad
30” x 60”. Oil


Fixing to enjoy his lunch – Bald Eagle
14” x 11” image size watercolor


Sunset on Pirate’s Island
Logan Martin Lake
14″H x 11″ W image size watercolor


One bird in the mouth, is worth two in the bush!
8” x 10” image. Watercolor


Dusk on the Square Marietta, GA 48″ H x 60″ W, oil available through dk Contemporary Gallery
The Batman Building
Nashville, TN
48” H x 24” W, oil


Printer’s Alley
40” x 40”, oil on canvas
Available at Bennett Gallery – Nashville



Pappy Van Winkle Watercolor, 12” x 9” image size


Path Less Traveled Oil, 24″ H x 36″ W


Progress ?
Birmingham’s I 20/59 project
30” H x 60” W, oil
Headed out to the Fields
Quail Hunting in South Georgia
24” H x 30” W, oil on canvas


Welcome to the Magic City
Alabama Theatre
48” x 48”, oil
Available through the Beverly McNeil Gallery


Special Memories
Private Commission
24” x 24”, oil
Old Mill House in Mtn. Brook


“ Patty on point”
36” x 36”, oil on linen
Private Commission


Atop Red Mountain
40” x 40”. Oil


Chasing Dreams
Blue Bird Cafe
24” x 24”


Sunset on Piedmont Park 36” x 36”, oil Available through dk Gallery in Atlanta GA




April 23, 2014

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