College Themed Pieces

College Themes


Crimson Nation
40” x 40”, oil on canvas
Available through the Beverly McNeil Gallery

Auburn University
Collection of the University President’s Home
36” H x 48” W, oil



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College Football in the South isn’t a Saturday activity, it’s a “Way of Life” almost it’s own religion.  Here in Alabama you have to form an alligiance to either Auburn University or University of Alabama almost at birth.  Having raised a Divided Family, I have an appreciation for the traditions of both schools; at Auburn the “Rolling of Toomer’s Corner” after a big win, or the “Tailgating Traditions on the Quad” down in Tuscaloosa. These paintings aren’t about Schools, Football, or number of wins and losses; they are a celebration of SEC Traditions, the color and fun of being on your favorite campus bringing back school memories and of course being with family and friends


“ Game Day – Bryant Denny Stadium”
University of Alabama
40” x 40”, oil
SOLD to Private Collector