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Limited Edition Giclee’s on the Highest Quality Giclee Paper

Why we do not offer Giclee Prints on canvas…

In order to preserve the value of each original piece of art, I have made the decision to only offer reproductions on the finest quality of Giclee paper.  Each print is suitable for framing, and is in it’s own right a unique piece of artwork.

With today’s technology, prints on canvas can easily mislead a collector into thinking they have a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  I want to protect my original art market, and feel this format protects the value of the original; at the same time the collector of prints has a nice, quality reproduction.

Why offer Giclee Prints at all?

Quality Giclee prints reproduced on top grade papers offer art lovers an opportunity to acquire the artist’s work on a more economical scale, they also can be used on projects where budget constraints won’t allow for originals such as Corporate or Commercial projects.  For many beginning or younger collectors the investment and confidence in acquiring original art might be an overwhelming experience ; a Giclee print can be an easier transition.  I limit the number of reproductions per image per size to small Editions, usually 25.  This helps avoid the cannabilization of both the Original Art Market and the Giclee Market.

They can be ordered in multiple sizes,  for Pricing email or call (205) 910-4881


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Prices for Giclee Prints on Velvet Watercolor Paper

16” x 20”     $100.00 ea. Unframed  plus Shipping

18” x 24”.     $130.00 ea. Unframed  plus Shipping

20” x 20”.     $125.00 ea. Unframed  plus Shipping

20” x 24”.      $150.00 ea. Unframed  plus Shipping

24” x 30”.       $180.00 ea. Unframed  plus Shipping

24” x 36”.        $255.00 ea. Unframed  plus Shipping

30” x 30”.        $275.00 ea. Unframed  plus Shipping

30” x 40”.        $350..00 ea. Unframed  plus Shipping

36” x 48”.         $500..00 ea. Unframed  plus Shipping

40” x 40”.         $475.00 ea. Unframed  plus Shipping

May 2, 2014

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