Spiritual Themed


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These paintings have evolved as expressions of my personal faith journey.  The very first painting, “The Church” is a symbolic rendering based on a sermon about the End of Days, and the signs that we has Christians believe Christ will return,; however, no one but God the Father knows when that will be.  The “Ark” is symbolic of The Church, a place of comfort, refuge and forgiveness to all peoples.  From there I wanted to portray some of my favorite Bible stories growing up in the church, or stories of Life Lessons that have helped me personally.  But I wanted to paint them in my style, not necessarily as exact realistic “Sunday School” renderings.

The painting titled “The Feeding of the 5000” was inspired from a sermon by my pastor on the Bibical story of Christ teaching the multitudes, and how he took two loaves and two fishes and feed the crowd. In the painting the figures surrounding Christ are unfinished. Symbolic of how each of us are in life. The dark ominous landscape behind Christ is symbolic of his purpose here on earth, to sacrifice his life for our sins.

Donated to M-Power Ministries

“Jesus Heals the Bleeding Woman”
36″ x 36″, oil